Mike Pence Represented Trump at AIPAC

Mike Pence Represented Trump at AIPAC by Stephen Lendman Last March, candidate Trump addressed AIPAC, saying he came “as a lifelong supporter and true friend of Israel.” Its high crimes and threat to world peace didn’t matter then or now. Railing against the Iran nuclear deal he hadn’t read or understood, he lied calling the... Continue Reading →

Settlements Opponent Challenges Israel

Settlements Opponent Challenges Israel by Stephen Lendman Israeli ruthlessness harms Jews and non-Jews alike. The late Palestinian/American scholar/activist Edward Said once called its agenda “refined viciousness” against Occupied Palestine and Arab Israeli citizens. Its sordid history reflects a pattern of appalling high crimes - why BDS activism flourishes, important resistance against what’s too intolerable to... Continue Reading →

Dick Cheney on Nonexistent Russian Act of War

Dick Cheney on Nonexistent Russian Act of War by Stephen Lendman Cheney represents the worst of America’s dark side, guilty of genocidal high crimes against peace. Throughout his public life, he showed contempt for rule of law principles as a congressman, defense secretary and vice president. A special place in hell awaits him!  Speaking at... Continue Reading →

Sergey Lavrov’s Geopolitical Worldview

Sergey Lavrov’s Geopolitical Worldview by Stephen Lendman Lavrov is a world-class diplomat, a tireless pursuer of world peace and stability - shaming his Western counterparts. In a March 23 address, he said misfortunes affecting Russia for centuries were “almost always” Western-sponsored. Yet the nation today remains resilient, maintaining “an independent foreign policy,” part of what... Continue Reading →

Netanyahu Addresses AIPAC

Netanyahu Addresses AIPAC by Stephen Lendman He’s a world-class thug, an unindicted war criminal. His deplorable remarks whenever delivered give demagoguery a bad name. Via satellite, he addressed AIPAC participants, ignoring Israeli apartheid ruthlessness, its high crimes of war and against humanity, its opposition to peace, equity and justice. “We must ensure that the forces... Continue Reading →

Jews Challenge AIPAC

Jews Challenge AIPAC by Stephen Lendman AIPAC is Israel’s key US lobby organization, supporting its apartheid ruthlessness, its high crimes of war and against humanity - operating illegally as an unregistered foreign agent. Few congressional members dare confront it. Doing the right thing is a career-ender. AIPAC exerts enormous political influence to assure whatever Israel... Continue Reading →

Pentagon Heads Toward Escalating Genocide in Yemen

Pentagon Heads Toward Escalating Genocide in Yemen by Stephen Lendman Yemen is Obama’s war, now Trump’s, complicit with Saudi terror-bombing, massacring civilians indiscriminately, causing vast destruction, human suffering and starvation. A previous article explained millions of Yemenis face slow, painful deaths from lack of food needed to survive, blockaded coastal areas preventing it from entering... Continue Reading →

US Terror-Bombing Killing Thousands of Civilians

US Terror-Bombing Killing Thousands of Civilians by Stephen Lendman AirWars.org calls itself “a journalist-led transparency project. It “(m)onitor(s) and assess(es) civilian casualties from international airstrikes in Iraq, Syria and Libya (from) open-source reports and military claims by nations.” From August 2014 - March 21, 2017, it estimates up to nearly 9,800 civilian deaths from US-led... Continue Reading →

Iran Sanctions 15 US Companies

Iran Sanctions 15 US Companies by Stephen Lendman The symbolic act came days after Washington imposed sanctions on 30 foreign companies and individuals - allegedly for violating export controls on Iran, Syria and North Korea, along with selling technology aiding Tehran’s legitimate missile program. Its government also acted in response to Congress introducing the “Countering... Continue Reading →

Orchestrated Protests in Russia

Orchestrated Protests in Russia by Stephen Lendman They aim to weaken Putin’s overwhelming popularity - acts of futility, always failing. Yet they erupt sporadically, again on Sunday. More on this below. Over 80% of Russians want no one else leading them. He’ll likely run for reelection next year, easily winning overwhelmingly. When occasional politically motivated... Continue Reading →

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