Trump Moves to Deregulate Wall Street

Trump Moves to Deregulate Wall Street by Stephen Lendman His February 3 executive order addressed deregulation of America’s financial system, largely operating ad libitum already - a symbolic action on his part. Congressional legislation is required to repeal or change so-called Dodd-Frank financial reform.  Obama’s measure was a scam, doing far more harm than good,... Continue Reading →

Temporary Restraining Order Blocks Trump’s Travel Ban on Designated Muslims Nationwide

Temporary Restraining Order Blocks Trump’s Travel Ban on Designated Muslims Nationwide by Stephen Lendman Affecting Muslims from seven countries, a previous article explained Trump’s entry into America and extreme vetting order is unrelated to border and national security protection. It’s all about politics, a racist unconstitutional order, largely targeting Muslims from nations where America’s imperial... Continue Reading →

WaPo Urges Piling on Iran

WaPo Urges Piling on Iran by Stephen Lendman Longstanding US hostility toward Iran is all about its sovereign independence in a region where Washington and Israel want all rivals to their hegemony eliminated. It has nothing to do with Iranian policies, except ones countering US, NATO and Israeli support for terrorism, Tehran allied with Russia... Continue Reading →

Trump on Israeli Settlements

Trump on Israeli Settlements by Stephen Lendman Under international law, Israeli settlements are flagrantly illegal. Fourth Geneva prohibits “(i)ndividual or mass forcible transfers, as well as deportations of protected persons from occupied territory to the territory of the Occupying Power or to that of any other country, occupied or not, are prohibited, regardless of their... Continue Reading →

Trump Administration’s Policy on Ukraine?

Trump Administration’s Policy on Ukraine? by Stephen Lendman It’s not encouraging based on Nikki Haley’s Thursday UN Security Council remarks - sounding like neocon Samantha Power never left. Her maiden voyage appearance as US envoy outrageously “condemn(ed) Russian actions” in Ukraine - ignoring flagrant Kiev aggression, including willful shelling of Donetsk civilian areas. “The United... Continue Reading →

Iran Puts US on Notice, Trump Administration Intends New Sanctions

Iran Puts US on Notice, Trump Administration Intends New Sanctions by Stephen Lendman US-instituted adversarial relations with Iran are longer than with any other nation except Russia - since the Carter administration, continuing extremely hostile straightaway under Trump. After his National Security Advisor Michael Flynn provocatively put Tehran on notice following its legitimate ballistic missile... Continue Reading →

Trump v. Iran

Trump v. Iran by Stephen Lendman Iran hasn’t attacked another country in centuries. It threatens none now. It’s vilified for its sovereign independence.  It values cooperative relations with all nations - urging world peace and stability, an end to aggressive wars. White House National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, saying its legitimate ballistic missile program “undermine(s)”... Continue Reading →

Some Good News on US/Russia Relations

Some Good News on US/Russia Relations by Stephen Lendman On Thursday, the US Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control modestly eased sanctions on Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB). “(R)equesting, receiving, utilizing, paying for, or dealing in licenses, permits, certifications, or notifications issued or registered by the Federal Security Service (FSB) for the importation, distribution, or... Continue Reading →

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