Coup Underway to Weaken or Oust Trump

Coup Underway to Weaken or Oust Trump by Stephen Lendman What’s ongoing against him is what fantasy democracy looks like in America - the way banana republics and other despotic regimes work. It’s a deplorable state of affairs. Ordinary people have no say. Deep state power brokers run things. The president, key members of Congress,... Continue Reading →

Trump Praises Rogue State Israel

Trump Praises Rogue State Israel by Stephen Lendman During a White House press conference with Netanyahu, Trump turned truth on its head, calling Israel “a symbol to the world of resilience in the face of oppression.” He praised its nonexistent “open democracy in the face of violence” it alone instigates against defenseless Palestinians and other... Continue Reading →

Trump Senior Advisor Stephen Miller

Trump Senior Advisor Stephen Miller by Stephen Lendman Last December, a Trump transition team press release announced his appointment “to serve as Assistant to the President and Senior Advisor to the President for Policy.” Trump was quoted saying he’ll “fulfill a crucial role in my administration.” In January 2016, Miller joined his campaign after serving... Continue Reading →

NYT Anti-Trump Jihad

NYT Anti-Trump Jihad by Stephen Lendman The Times represents pro-Hillary dark forces militantly against Trump - denigrating him relentlessly, featuring advocacy, not real journalism. Daily feature stories vilify him, going way beyond justifiable criticism. The self-styled newspaper of record mocks fair and balanced reporting, absent on its pages. It supports US imperial madness, neoliberal harshness... Continue Reading →

Lavrov and Tillerson to Meet in Germany

Lavrov and Tillerson to Meet in Germany by Stephen Lendman On Thursday, they’ll meet and discuss bilateral issues of mutual concern for the first time at the G20 foreign ministers meeting in Bonn - ahead of July’s G20 summit. According to Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, “Lavrov will hold meetings with Tillerson and (German... Continue Reading →

Kellyanne Conway Bashing Targets Trump

Kellyanne Conway Bashing Targets Trump by Stephen Lendman Ousting Michael Flynn was all about harming Trump. The same goes for Conway, Counselor to the President, a key White House position. A previous article discussed her harmless faux pas on Fox News, saying “(g)o buy (Trump daughter) Ivanka’s stuff…It’s a wonderful line. I own some of... Continue Reading →

Netanyahu Meets Trump in Washington

Netanyahu Meets Trump in Washington by Stephen Lendman When US and Israeli leaders meet, nothing beneficial for Palestinians follows, their fundamental rights paid lip service to alone. Expect nothing different this time, Trump perhaps shaping up to be the most one-sided pro-Israeli US leader since the establishment of the Jewish state on stolen Palestinian land.... Continue Reading →

NYT Fake News on Trump Campaign Aides in Contact with Russian Intelligence

NYT Fake News on Trump Campaign Aides in Contact with Russian Intelligence by Stephen Lendman Throughout the presidential campaign, the Times was one-sidedly pro-Hillary, militantly anti-Trump - inventing reasons to denigrate him relentlessly. Justifiable criticism is warranted. Trump’s post-inauguration record deserves plenty, exposing him as just another dirty politician so far. Attacking him pre-election represented... Continue Reading →

Unacceptable White House Demands on Russia

Unacceptable White House Demands on Russia by Stephen Lendman Though still too early to draw definitive conclusions, Trump’s White House is beginning to look like Obama never left or the return of Bush/Cheney. Not a pretty picture! Hoped for improved US/Russia relations were dashed on the rocks of Michael Flynn’s sacking, surrendering to deep state... Continue Reading →

NYT Intent on Wrecking Trump’s Administration

NYT Intent on Wrecking Trump’s Administration by Stephen Lendman The problem with Trump’s deplorable record in office so far is the alternative is worse. America’s political system is too debauched to fix. One-party governance with two right wings constitutes fantasy democracy, voting a waste of time, a worthless exercise.  Dirty business as usual always wins.... Continue Reading →

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