Trump’s Policy on Russia and China?

Trump’s Policy on Russia and China? by Stephen Lendman Next week he’ll become America’s 45th president, an awesome responsibility for anyone, especially having to deal with bipartisan neocons infesting Washington - hell-bent for endless wars of aggression, seeking unchallenged US global dominance.  Whatever Trump said on the stump no longer matters. Once in office, his... Continue Reading →

Patterns of Abuse by Chicago Cops

Patterns of Abuse by Chicago Cops by Stephen Lendman Chicago notoriously is called America’s police repression capital - Black and Latino male youths most affected. They’re harassed, abused, beaten, arrested, detained and often murdered unaccountably. An earlier article discussed Gitmo in Chicago, an off-the-books, anything goes interrogation compound - the equivalent of a CIA black... Continue Reading →

Russia Invites Trump’s National Security Advisor to Syria Peace Talks

Russia Invites Trump’s National Security Advisor to Syria Peace Talks by Stephen Lendman Moscow’s good faith outreach to Washington on resolving conflicts in Syria and Ukraine failed because Obama and neocons infesting his administration want war, not peace. Will Trump’s geopolitical agenda diverge from longstanding US policy? Will he choose peacemaking over endless wars? It’s... Continue Reading →

Israel Terror-Bombs Damascus Military Airport

Israel Terror-Bombs Damascus Military Airport by Stephen Lendman Washington and Israel partner in each other’s high crimes. Israel wouldn’t flagrantly attack another country without US permission and/or involvement. Was attacking Mezzeh military airport west of Damascus around midnight on Friday a joint US/Israeli attempt to obstruct cessation of hostilities and conflict resolution? Will Trump put... Continue Reading →

Disgraceful NYT Praise for Obama

Disgraceful NYT Praise for Obama by Stephen Lendman Just societies would have held him accountable long ago for high crimes too egregious to ignore.  The NYT offered high praise for a war criminal multiple times over, a front man for monied interests over popular ones, a serial liar, a moral coward, a disgrace to his... Continue Reading →

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