What to Expect from Monday’s Electoral College Vote and Aftermath

What to Expect from Monday’s Electoral College Vote and Aftermath by Stephen Lendman On Monday, electors from each state meet to choose the next president and vice president. They alone decide. Voters have no say. Virtually always they pick the ticket winning their state’s popular vote. Never in US history did more than one elector... Continue Reading →

Security Council Agreement on Completing Aleppo’s Evacuation?

Security Council Agreement on Completing Aleppo’s Evacuation? by Stephen Lendman Ahead of a Sunday Security Council meeting, Russian UN envoy Vitaly Churkin called a French draft resolution (complicit with Washington and Britain) on completing Aleppo’s evacuation “a disaster,” vowing a veto, saying: “We don’t have problems with any kind of monitoring. We will support appropriate... Continue Reading →

Syrian Evacuations Resume

Syrian Evacuations Resume by Stephen Lendman Humanitarian efforts in Syria often don’t go as planned, dark forces continuing to devastate the country. Rare good news is welcomed. Liberating Aleppo from the scourge of US-supported terrorists may turn out to be a decisive turning point in the war. Yet pockets of renegade elements remain in the... Continue Reading →

Obama Vows to Prove the Unprovable

Obama Vows to Prove the Unprovable by Stephen Lendman  A long ago disgraced US president appears part of an ongoing coup attempt to deny Trump the office he won - a terrifying scenario heading for full-blown tyranny if a way isn’t found to stop it. If successful, things will never be the same again. Be... Continue Reading →

Syrian Offensive Underway to Liberate Palmyra

Syrian Offensive Underway to Liberate Palmyra by Stephen Lendman Losing it a week ago to thousands of US-backed ISIS terrorists was an embarrassment to Syria and Russia after liberating the city in March.  Repeating the process is well underway, involving a major ground offensive with Russian aerial support to eliminate Palmyra’s terrorist infestation, supported by... Continue Reading →

Facebook’s News Censoring Ministry of Truth

Facebook’s News Censoring Ministry of Truth by Stephen Lendman In 1984, Orwell described Oceania’s Ministry of Peace involved in warmaking and Ministry of Truth concealing it. Unwanted material went down memory holes to “be whirled away (in) enormous furnaces…devoured by the flames,” he wrote. “(T)here were the directing brains who co-ordinated the whole effort and... Continue Reading →

Aleppo’s Liberation Saved Thousands of Lives

Aleppo’s Liberation Saved Thousands of Lives by Stephen Lendman Aleppo’s liberation may be looked back on as the war’s turning point, what America and its rogue allies tried hard to prevent. Media scoundrels called it bad news, showing support for imperial lawlessness, mindless of the enormous human cost in Aleppo and throughout Syria - raped... Continue Reading →

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