Standing Rock Sioux Resistance: Wounded Knee Redux

Standing Rock Sioux Resistance: Wounded Knee Redux by Stephen Lendman Redoubtable Sioux resistance continues heroically against construction of Energy Transfer Partners’ Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL), endangering their sacred ancestral land, water and wildlife habitat, along with communities, farmland and other sensitive areas. “(U)nder serious consideration” for various Trump administration posts, according to a senior level... Continue Reading →

Will Trump Honor the Iran Nuclear Deal?

Will Trump Honor the Iran Nuclear Deal? by Stephen Lendman The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) is an international agreement involving the five permanent Security Council members plus Germany. Completing it successfully required many months of hard bargaining, Iran giving more than it got in return - to free itself from sanctions imposed solely... Continue Reading →

NYT Disinformation on Syria

NYT Disinformation on Syria by Stephen Lendman Scoundrel media misreporting on Obama’s war has been some of the most scandalous in memory, turning truth on its head, a shameless perversion of what’s going on - truth-telling entirely absent, disinformation and Big Lies featured. Few, if any, Western reporters are in Syrian combat theaters. On November... Continue Reading →

Russia Blasts US Failure to Combat Terrorism in Syria

Russia Blasts US Failure to Combat Terrorism in Syria by Stephen Lendman Washington created and actively supports virtually all Middle East terrorists groups, others elsewhere - its so-called global war on terrorism perhaps the greatest hoax in modern times. Russian Defense Ministry spokesman General Igor Konashenkov responded sharply to deputy State Department spokesman Mark Toner’s... Continue Reading →

European Parliament Passes Anti-Russia Resolution

European Parliament Passes Anti-Russia Resolution by Stephen Lendman EU leaders and legislators disgracefully bow to Washington’s will, harming their own self-interest and citizens they represent in the process. On Wednesday, European parliamentarian passed an anti-Russia resolution (304 in favor, 179 against, 208 abstaining), discussed in a Tuesday article.  It urges EU nations “respond to (nonexistent)... Continue Reading →

NYT Editors Bash Russia on Thanksgiving Day

NYT Editors Bash Russia on Thanksgiving Day by Stephen Lendman The Times operates as a press agent for wealth, power and privilege, a lying machine using journalism as advocacy for deplorable policies, disgracefully betraying readers deserving better. Shameless Russia bashing persists - even on Thanksgiving Day, Times editors headlining “Warning Russia on Hacking Isn’t Enough,”... Continue Reading →

Wrongfully Convicted San Antonio 4 Exonerated

Wrongfully Convicted San Antonio 4 Exonerated by Stephen Lendman On Thanksgiving Day eve, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals exonerated Kristie Mayhugh, Elizabeth Ramirez, Cassandra Rivera and Anna Vasquez, four lesbian women - ruling convictions on charges of sexually assaulting two children, aged seven and nine, didn’t pass “the smell test.” “Those defendants have won... Continue Reading →

US House Members Up the Stakes in Syria

US House Members Up the Stakes in Syria by Stephen Lendman On November 15, House members unanimously approved legislation for new sanctions on Syria and its supporters, pointing fingers at Russia, Iran and Hezbollah - illegal if imposed without Security Council authorization. HR 5732, The Ceasar Syria Civilian Protection Act, requires reports on human rights... Continue Reading →

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