Obama and Hillary Blame Russia for Nonexistent US Election Hacking

Obama and Hillary Blame Russia for Nonexistent US Election Hacking by Stephen Lendman In the wake of Trump’s electoral triumph, anti-Russia hostility is at a fever pitch - matching or exceeding sentiment at the height of the Cold War. It’s reminiscent of US propaganda unleashed ahead of planned imperial wars. It’s to assure normalizing relations... Continue Reading →

NYT Fake News on Aleppo

NYT Fake News on Aleppo by Stephen Lendman Daily NYT editions read like bad fiction, showing contemptible disregard for truth-telling, entirely absent where it’s most needed - fake news substituting. Coverage of America’s presidential campaign turned The Times into a laughing stock, featuring advocacy instead of unbiased reporting.  The so-called newspaper of record is a... Continue Reading →

Russia Responds to Baseless US Election Hacking Accusations

Russia Responds to Baseless US Election Hacking Accusations by Stephen Lendman Thankfully, Moscow only has to put up Obama’s neocon infested administration another five weeks. Bipartisan congressional and scoundrel media hostility remain major challenges. Trump’s intentions aren’t certain until he, his diplomatic corps and others in his administration begin dealing with Russia directly - hopefully... Continue Reading →

NYT Calls Trump a “Useful (Kremlin) Idiot”

NYT Calls Trump a “Useful (Kremlin) Idiot” by Stephen Lendman Disgraceful stuff by a broadsheet long ago exposed as a proliferator of fake news, serving wealth, power and privilege exclusively - journalism the way it’s supposed to be entirely absent on issues mattering most. On December 15, Times editors headlined “Donald Trump’s Denial About Russia,”... Continue Reading →

US-Supported Terrorists Shell Aleppo Withdrawal Corridor

US-Supported Terrorists Shell Aleppo Withdrawal Corridor by Stephen Lendman Completing what should be a simple withdrawal of eastern Aleppo residents and US-backed terrorists was disrupted by elements shelling the evacuation route and trying to take civilian hostages - according to Syrian al-Ikhbariya state television. Further withdrawal was suspended until things are resolved, government forces sent... Continue Reading →

Put Media Scoundrels Out of Business

Put Media Scoundrels Out of Business by Stephen Lendman The simple way is by ignoring them. Stop buying their publications - newspapers, magazines and other material. Why waste good money on rubbish. Tune out their fake news broadcasts. Why put up with their antics? If enough people follow this advice, they’ll wither, die and disappear.... Continue Reading →

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