Russia and Syria Blamed for Idlib Bombing Hoax

Russia and Syria Blamed for Idlib Bombing Hoax by Stephen Lendman Speaking at the Valdai International Discussion Club in Sochi on Thursday, Putin said Russian patience has limits.  “We(‘ve) show(n) restraint so far and (haven’t) respond(ed) to our partners (sic) in the same gauche manner, but everything has its limits. We can do it,” he... Continue Reading →

Shamelessly Attacking Jill Stein

Shamelessly Attacking Jill Stein by Stephen Lendman Physician turned activist/political aspirant Jill Stein says she “want(s) to be president to save the world because (Republicans and Democrats) are a front group for the 1%, for predatory banks, fossil fuel giants and war profiteers.” She continues devoting enormous time and energy, likely incurring considerable personal expense,... Continue Reading →

Hillary Favors Aggressively Interventionist Foreign Policy

Hillary Favors Aggressively Interventionist Foreign Policy by Stephen Lendman The first Bill and Hillary Clinton co-presidency included eight years of Balkan and other wars of aggression. Bush/Cheney exceeded their lawlessness.  Obama outdid the worst of both previous administrations - attacking seven countries, destabilizing others, orchestrating coups in Honduras, Paraguay and Brazil, threatening Venezuelan democracy, enforcing... Continue Reading →

Dining Service Workers Defeat Mighty Harvard

Dining Service Workers Defeat Mighty Harvard by Stephen Lendman A previous article discussed strike action by Harvard University Dining Services (HUDS) workers, their only walkout ever during an academic year. I explained my special interest in their struggle. In my junior and senior years, as a member of Harvard’s class of 1956, I worked part-time... Continue Reading →

Western Warplanes Terror-Bomb Syrian School, Russia Irresponsibly Blamed

Western Warplanes Terror-Bomb Syrian School, Russia Irresponsibly Blamed by Stephen Lendman Whenever US and/or “coalition” warplanes terror-bomb Syrian schools, hospitals, residential areas, other civilian sites, and vital infrastructure, Moscow and/or Damascus are irresponsibly blamed. On Wednesday, an Idlib province school was terror-bombed. According to the UK-based/Western funded Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), a shamless... Continue Reading →

NATO Head Stokes Tensions with Russia

NATO Head Stokes Tensions with Russia by Stephen Lendman America dominates NATO. The alliance serves its imperial interests. Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg speaks for Washington. On October 26, at a meeting of NATO defense ministers in Brussels, Russia was a key topic. Stoltenberg’s hostile comments contribute to heightened East/West tensions. “Close to our borders, Russia continues... Continue Reading →

Is US Planning Another Coup Attempt in Venezuela? by Stephen Lendman Earlier US attempts to replace Venezuela’s democratically elected Bolivarian government with puppet rule beholden to Washington failed. According to United Socialist Party (PSUV) parliamentary vice president Diosdado Cabello, US-supported fascist opposition Democratic Unity Roundtable (MUD) leaders intend initiating a regime change plot. Dubbed “Plan... Continue Reading →

NYT Editors Oppose Venezuelan Democracy

NYT Editors Oppose Venezuelan Democracy by Stephen Lendman NYT editors opposed Bolivarian fairness from inception, denigrating Hugo Chavez shamelessly throughout his tenure, treating Nicolas Maduro the same - siding with US-supported fascists, wanting tyranny replacing democratic governance. On Wednesday, they lied, accusing Maduro of “authoritarian rule and epic economic mismanagement.” They ignored US economic war... Continue Reading →

US Ballot Choices for President: War on Russia or Normalized Relations

US Ballot Choices for President: War on Russia or Normalized Relations by Stephen Lendman Businessman Trump would rather profit from relations with Russia than bomb it. Neocon hawk Hillary risks waging potentially cataclysmic nuclear war. Which agenda do you support? A simple choice. Wall Street, war profiteers, media scoundrels, corporate pollsters, and bipartisan lunatics infesting... Continue Reading →

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