Neocon Washington Post for Regime Change in Venezuela

Neocon Washington Post for Regime Change in Venezuela by Stephen Lendman Venezuela’s oil-dependent economy suffers greatly from low prices and US economic war - waged to destabilize the country, create enormous hardships, mobilize majority opposition to President Nicholas Maduro’s leadership, and end nearly 18 years of Bolivarian fairness.  Neocons in Washington want control over Venezuela’s... Continue Reading →

Disastrous 1996 Telecommunications Act

Disastrous 1996 Telecommunications Act by Stephen Lendman The 1996 Telecommunications Act, during the Bill and Hillary Clinton co-presidency, deregulated all communication industries - paving the way for greater consolidation, less competition, less concern about diversity and choice, and higher profits at the expense of consumer-friendly policies. At the time, Vice President Al Gore deceitfully called... Continue Reading →

No Ministerial Meeting Ahead on Syria, Says Russia

No Ministerial Meetings Ahead on Syria, Says Russia by Stephen Lendman On Monday, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov ruled out further ministerial meetings with America and other nations on Syria until they comply with earlier agreements reached - notably in Geneva last month, saying: “Frankly, right now I do not see any preconditions for the... Continue Reading →

NYT Ridicules Rejecting Election Rigging

NYT Ridicules Rejecting Election Rigging by Stephen Lendman A weekend article said America’s presidential election was stolen for Hillary before polls open on November 8. US electoral rigging is longstanding at the federal, state and local levels - revealing sham democracy, the nation no different from despotic Gulf States and numerous others worldwide run by... Continue Reading →

Neocons Infesting Washington Urge Escalated Aggression in Syria

Neocons Infesting Washington Urge Escalated Aggression in Syria by Stephen Lendman The neocon Washington Post features their extremist views, urging greater war on a sovereign independent nation threatening no one. Former State Department official/current Wilson Center vice president Aaron David Miller challenged Hillary, saying “(s)he’s on the hook to deliver” as America’s next president. If... Continue Reading →

Sanders’ Deplorable Fall From Grace

Sanders’ Deplorable Fall from Grace by Stephen Lendman Supporting Hillary means he’s pro-war, pro-Wall Street, pro-corporate predation, anti-labor, anti-equity and justice, anti-fundamental freedoms - while pretending otherwise. On the stump for Hillary, he transformed himself into a pathetic laughing stock, supporting what he campaigned against - showing it was willful deception, Big Lies, the way... Continue Reading →

Farcical Ceasefire in Aleppo Ends, Combating Terrorism Resumes

Farcical Ceasefire in Aleppo Ends, Combating Terrorism Resumes by Stephen Lendman Like previous good faith Russian diplomatic conflict resolution efforts, its unilaterally declared humanitarian pause in combating terrorists infesting eastern Aleppo failed because Washington undermined it - wanting endless war to topple Assad and destroy sovereign Syrian independence. On October 22, the Russian language broadsheet... Continue Reading →

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