Wrongheaded General Assembly Resolutions

Wrongheaded General Assembly Resolutions by Stephen Lendman On November 15, the General Assembly’s Third (Social, Humanitarian and Cultural) Committee approved four resolutions on the state of human rights in North Korea (DPRK), Crimea, Iran and Syria. Venezuela and Belarus objected, arguing against politicized country-specific human rights resolutions. A motion to adjourn debate was rejected by... Continue Reading →

Yalie Co-Eds Disrobe in Harvard Stadium

Yalie Co-Eds Disrobe in Harvard Stadium by Stephen Lendman Saturday off-field antics inside Harvard Stadium perhaps attracted more attention than “The Game,” interrupting it at the end of the third quarter until things settled down. The so-called 40-year tradition wasn’t part of my 1950s experience - including a part-time usher job in Harvard Stadium for... Continue Reading →

Trump Inauguration Day Protests Planned

Trump Inauguration Day Protests Planned by Stephen Lendman Protesting Trump’s inauguration misses the point. I’ve explained many times. America’s criminal class is bipartisan, democracy pure fantasy.  Deep state duopoly power runs things - one-party state governance with two right wings, independents entirely shut out. Media scoundrels are press agents for wealth, power and privilege exclusively.... Continue Reading →

Will Trump End 56 Years of US Embargo on Cuba?

Will Trump End 56 Years of US Embargo on Cuba? by Stephen Lendman Will Trump seek more cooperative relations with other countries, prioritizing diplomacy over confrontation? Promised outreach to Russia is encouraging. Days earlier, he and Chinese President Xi Jinping spoke by phone - Xi telling him cooperation is the only choice between both countries.... Continue Reading →

Will Trump Drain the Swamp As Promised?

Will Trump Drain the Swamp As Promised? by Stephen Lendman Promises are easy to make, fulfilling them another matter entirely. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.  Trump has lots of proving to do. I intend cutting him some slack, withholding criticism like media scoundrels and many others until he starts governing -... Continue Reading →

Will Trump End Illegal US Sanctions on Russia?

Will Trump End Illegal US Sanctions on Russia? by Stephen Lendman He praised Putin as a good leader, doing a great job, wanting to get along with him. Straightaway he should end US sanctions by executive order, influencing EU leaders to follow suit. Imposed without Security Council authorization, they’re illegal under international law - based... Continue Reading →

US-Supported Eastern Aleppo Terrorists Massacre Residents Protesting for Freedom

US-Supported Eastern Aleppo Terrorists Massacre Residents Protesting for Freedom by Stephen Lendman So-called “moderate rebels” at war with sovereign Syria and its people are US-supported cutthroat killers. On Friday, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman General Igor Konashenkov issued a statement, saying “(r)adicals fired assault rifles at a rally in (eastern Aleppo’s) Haidariya district.” “A total of... Continue Reading →

WSJ Interviews Stephen Bannon

WSJ Interviews Stephen Bannon by Stephen Lendman Bannon is a former investment banker, entrepreneur, executive chairman of the politically conservative Breitbart News, and head of Trump’s presidential campaign from August 2016 through November 8. Trump chose him as chief strategist and Senior Counselor to the President. He’ll have considerable influence on administration policies. Interviewed by... Continue Reading →

Keith Ellison Next DNC Chairman?

Keith Ellison Next DNC Chairman? by Stephen Lendman Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s pro-Hillary bias ended her tenure as DNC chairman. Donna Brazile replaced her in an interim capacity. The subject of her WikiLeaks email sent to Hillary’s communications director Jennifer Palmieri was “(f)rom time to time I get (debate) questions in advance.” Sharing them with... Continue Reading →

Will Trump End Obama’s War on Syria?

Will Trump End Obama’s War on Syria? by Stephen Lendman Following months of planning, Obama waged war on Syria. It’s no civil conflict as falsely reported - one of many Big Lies about what’s ongoing. US-supported jihadist death squads are used as imperial foot soldiers - supplemented by Pentagon-led “coalition” terror-bombing of government sites, vital... Continue Reading →

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