Will Trump Withdraw from NATO?

Will Trump Withdraw from NATO? by Stephen Lendman It’s no more likely than the sun henceforth rising in the west once he’s inaugurated. Though calling NATO “obsolete” and “costing us a fortune,” he said “I don’t want to pull (America) out,” adding “I think the distribution of costs has to be changed.” “We’re paying disproportionately.... Continue Reading →

Trump Picks General Michael Flynn As National Security Advisor

Trump Picks General Michael Flynn As National Security Advisor by Stephen Lendman Media reports indicated Trump chose him. It’s unclear if he accepted. Likely so as otherwise consideration of him for the position would have been kept under wraps. We’ll know either way soon. The Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs (NSA) needs... Continue Reading →

NYT Suggests Trump May Treat Muslims Like FDR Persecuted Japanese Americans During WW II

NYT Suggests Trump May Treat Muslims Like FDR Persecuted Japanese Americans During WW II by Stephen Lendman Ten days post-election, NYT Trump bashing persists. Expect no letup ahead, perhaps intensifying once he’s inaugurated - an unprecedented vilification of a presidential aspirant, now president-elect. His domestic agenda will largely replicate previous Republican administrations. Hopefully he’ll be... Continue Reading →

Google and Facebook Targeting Growing Influence of Alternative Media?

Google and Facebook Targeting Growing Influence of Alternative Media? by Stephen Lendman Alternative online media sites are gaining popularity at the expense of unreliable mainstream sources of news, information and analysis - notably during the disgraceful US presidential election coverage, concluded last week, along with every time America goes to war. Media scoundrels suppress what... Continue Reading →

Obama and Merkel on Transatlantic Relations

Obama and Merkel on Transatlantic Relations by Stephen Lendman Obama’s likely last overseas trip to Greece, Germany and Peru was supposed to be a victory lap. Instead, it comes after Hillary’s defeat - the aspirant he called “unfit to serve” succeeding him in January. Coincidental with his arrival in Berlin on Thursday, the German broadsheet... Continue Reading →

Could Sanders Have Beaten Trump?

Could Sanders Have Beaten Trump? by Stephen Lendman We’ll never know despite lots of guesswork suggesting it. He’s a footnote in the sordid history of US presidential politics - part of the dirty system like all other duopoly power candidates. In return for disgracefully supporting Hillary after campaigning against what she represents, Democrats rewarded him... Continue Reading →

Criticizing Stephen Bannon Appointment Continues Trump Bashing

Criticizing Stephen Bannon’s Appointment Continues Trump Bashing by Stephen Lendman Rewarded for aiding Trump’s electoral triumph, Bannon was named chief administration strategist and senior counselor. He’s not my kind of guy, especially serving close to the levers of power: an influential alt-right figure, former Goldman Sachs investment banker, and executive chairman of politically hard-right Breitbart... Continue Reading →

Despicable State Department Russia Bashing

Despicable State Department Russia Bashing by Stephen Lendman On Tuesday, State Department press operations director Elizabeth Trudeau willfully lied to reporters, unjustifiably claiming Russian and Syrian warplanes bombed “five hospitals and one mobile clinic in Syria,” adding: “We believe it’s a violation of international law…(O)ur focus has been on the delivery of aid…Russia allowed no... Continue Reading →

Disgraceful WaPo Anti-Putin Editorial

Disgraceful WaPo Anti-Putin Editorial by Stephen Lendman Russian and Syrian forces are valiantly combating US-supported terrorists, aiming to free the country from its scourge. They deserve universal support. On November 15, Russia’s Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu announced the beginning of a large-scale operation against ISIS and al-Nusra fighters in Idlib and Homs provinces - its... Continue Reading →

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