Chicagoan Viciously Beaten for Supporting Trump

Chicagoan Viciously Beaten for Supporting Trump by Stephen Lendman The Chicago Tribune reported what most other major media sources ignored, the NYT giving the incident short shrift, publishing a short AP News account. David Wilcox, aged 49, was involved in minor traffic accident, his car “scraped” by another. “I stopped and parked. And I asked... Continue Reading →

Hillary Press Agent NYT Denies Clear Anti-Trump Bias

Hillary Press Agent NYT Denies Clear Anti-Trump Bias by Stephen Lendman The Times is a longstanding establishment broadsheet, publishing since 1851 - before Abraham Lincoln’s presidency and America’s Civil War. It eschews all the news it claims fit to print, substituting state-sponsored propaganda - willfully misinforming readers, betraying, not serving them, not delivering journalism the... Continue Reading →

Trump Names Two Loyalists for Key Administration Posts

Trump Names Two Loyalists for Key Administration Posts by Stephen Lendman Over the weekend, Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus was named White House Chief of Staff. Serving as a presidential assistant and gatekeeper, Priebus will manage Trump’s schedule, decide who sees him, select and supervise White House staff, manage information for Trump, protect his interests,... Continue Reading →

Trump on CBS’ 60 Minutes

Trump on CBS’ 60 Minutes by Stephen Lendman Hosted by veteran newswoman Lesley Stahl, introductory CBS remarks said “(d)uring what seemed an interminable campaign, a divided country found all kinds of ways to describe Donald Trump: visionary businessman, vulgar self-promoter, political neophyte.” “But after Tuesday, for all Americans, there’s only one description that counts: president-elect.”... Continue Reading →

George Soros Financed Anti-Trump Protests

George Soros Financed Anti-Trump Protests by Stephen Lendman Soros is one of the world’s most infamous figures, an international con man profiting from human misery, supporting color revolutions and wars to serve his interests. He menaces fundamental freedoms worldwide, supports anything that smells money, once saying “(w)e need a global sheriff,” perhaps with himself in... Continue Reading →

NYT Editors Promote US/Russia Confrontation

NYT Editors Promote US/Russia Confrontation by Stephen Lendman Times editors support US imperial ruthlessness. They oppose normalized relations with Russia.  They urge unchanged hardline, militant, confrontational policies instead - wanting Trump to continue what neocons infesting Washington demand, Hillary their choice for president, not him. Times editors: “Among the first world leaders to congratulate President-elect... Continue Reading →

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