Brazil’s Illegitimate President: Tainted by Corruption, Scorned at the UN, Praised by Joe Biden

Brazil’s Illegitimate President: Tainted by Corruption, Scorned at the UN, Praised by Joe Biden Michel Temer heads Brazil’s illegitimately installed coup d’etat regime, a deplorable figure, widely reviled at home, scorned by six Latin and Central American nations at the UN’s 71st General Assembly session. Delegations from Bolivia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, Nicaragua and Venezuela... Continue Reading →

The NYT Lying Machine in Action

The NYT Lying Machine in Action by Stephen Lendman If ignorance is bliss, it’s achievable by following deplorable Times reports - journalism (sic) at its worst, including some of the most despicable misreporting on Obama’s war against Syria, naked aggression it won’t explain. The Syrian Arab Republic was invaded, America and its rogue allies using... Continue Reading →

Farcical US Presidential Debates

Farcical US Presidential Debates by Stephen Lendman On September 26, the first of three farcical presidential “debates” will be held, Independent candidates Jill Stein and Gary Johnson excluded, American-style “democracy,” assuring duopoly power stays unopposed.  So-called debates are political theater, nothing else, featuring pre-arranged questions, excluding ones most important to ask and demanding answers, not... Continue Reading →

Netanyahu’s Litany of General Assembly Big Lies

Netanyahu’s Litany of General Assembly Big Lies by Stephen Lendman Just societies would arrest and detain him straightaway if arriving in their countries, followed by prosecution for crimes of war, against humanity and slow-motion genocide against defenseless Palestinians. Under Universal Jurisdiction (UJ), nations may investigate and prosecute foreign nationals when their country of residence or... Continue Reading →

Media Scoundrels on Futile Syria Ceasefire Talks

Media Scoundrels on Futile Syria Ceasefire Talks by Stephen Lendman Chance for them succeeding is ZERO because Washington wants war, not peace, Syrian sovereignty destroyed, pro-Western puppet governance replacing it - explained numerous times before. On Thursday, Lavrov said his government rejects one-sided ceasefire deals, Washington, its rogue allies and terrorist groups they support taking... Continue Reading →

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