Neocon Washington Post Calls War Goddess, Racketeer Hillary “Exceptional”

Neocon Washington Post Calls War Goddess, Racketeer Hillary “Exceptional” by Stephen Lendman I’ve written much about I call America’s scoundrel media - especially for supporting privilege over populism, US imperial wars, and deplorable one-sided coverage of this year’s presidential election, sacrificing even-handedness for blatant partisanship. With few exceptions, media scoundrels support the most recklessly dangerous... Continue Reading →

NYT Whitewashes Clinton Foundation Wrongdoing

NYT Whitewashes Clinton Foundation Wrongdoing by Stephen Lendman Hard evidence shows the Clinton Foundation is a Bill and Hillary money-laundering, influence-selling, self-enrichment racket masquerading as a charitable NGO. Not according The New York Times, operating as her virtual press agent, promoting her candidacy for the nation’s highest office, suppressing her deplorable public record since the... Continue Reading →

Obama Talks Peace in Syria While Waging War

Obama Talks Peace in Syria While Waging War by Stephen Lendman Peace defeats America’s imperial objectives. Multiple US wars rage endlessly. Others await to be launched.  Syria is Obama’s war, naked aggression using ISIS and other terrorist groups as proxy foot soldiers - intending endless conflict to replace sovereign Syrian independence with pro-Western puppet governance.... Continue Reading →

Canonization Elevates Mother Teresa to Sainthood

Canonization Elevates Mother Teresa to Sainthood by Stephen Lendman She’s more myth than “saint of the gutters” for allegedly helping the poorest of the poor. More on her unsaintly legacy below. The New York Times highlighted Pope Francis deplorably calling her a “witness to mercy in our time,” adding she “deserves” sainthood. The Times perpetuated... Continue Reading →

Dubious Russia/US Agreement on Syria

Dubious Russia/US Agreement on Syria by Stephen Lendman Putin hinted at one coming days earlier. On September 2, Sergey Lavrov announced it, saying “(v)irtually all components of this task are already clear. An understanding has been reached on most issues.”  “The most important thing is that any agreements with the Americans on practical actions, on... Continue Reading →

FBI Continues Suppressing Hillary’s Crimes

FBI Continues Suppressing Hillary’s Crimes by Stephen Lendman Hillary’s longstanding criminal record since the 1990s would be more than enough to imprison ordinary people longterm - likely for life without parole or capital punishment for her involvement in mass murder. Extraordinary lengths are made to keep indictable evidence from being revealed - the Justice Department... Continue Reading →

New Poll Shows Trump and Hillary Virtually Tied

New Poll Shows Trump and Hillary Virtually Tied by Stephen Lendman Trump is right believing November’s “election” is rigged for Hillary - likely chosen last year or earlier to succeed Obama. Back room deals decide who’ll hold high office in America. Voters have no say whatever.  Hillary is an establishment candidate, a deplorable choice for... Continue Reading →

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