Turkey’s Duplicity on Syria

Turkey’s Duplicity on Syria by Stephen Lendman Turkey is a NATO member, a longtime US ally despite strained relations over the events of July 15, Erdogan an international outlaw, long coveting annexation of northern Syrian territory, along with removal of Assad. In recent remarks, repeated on Saturday, Prime Minister Binali Yildirim was less than honest.... Continue Reading →

Washington Threatens Damascus

Washington Threatens Damascus by Stephen Lendman Obama’s aim in launching war on Syria in March 2011 remains unchanged - regime change to transform its sovereign independence into another US vassal state. Endless war continues, peace efforts stillborn because Washington rejects them. Incidents like the staged Aleppo boy stunt is the latest US effort to enlist... Continue Reading →

Russia a Threat to US Imperial Interests

Russia a Threat to US Imperial Interests by Stephen Lendman Had Putin not intervened responsibly against US-supported terrorists in Syria, all might have been lost, Iran awaiting the next onslaught. Committed to defeating terrorism in Syria to prevent its spread to Russia’s heartland, Putin stepped up efforts responsibly, more strongly allied with Iran and yet... Continue Reading →

The Clintons’ Dirty Pay to Play Racket

The Clintons’ Dirty Pay to Play Racket by Stephen Lendman The name of the game is influence selling and self-enrichment, very big bucks involved.  The Clinton Foundation is a money laundering racketeering scheme posing as a charitable NGO. Bill and Hillary should have prosecuted, convicted and imprisoned long ago. In America they get away with... Continue Reading →

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