Hillary Front and Center Thursday Night

Hillary Front and Center Thursday Night by Stephen Lendman Prepare for the onslaught, a carefully scripted recitation polar opposite her despicable record. It doesn’t get more politically over-the-top than a neocon lunatic fringe war criminal/racketeer representing one of America’s two right wings. Election-rigging perhaps is planned to assure she succeeds Obama, the same process used... Continue Reading →

Media Big Lies About ISIS Persist

Media Big Lies About ISIS Persist by Stephen Lendman Instead of explaining ISIS is a US creation, its fighters used as imperial foot soldiers doing America’s killing and dying for it, media scoundrels maintain the myth of Washington combating a scourge it supports. Without active foreign backing, ISIS and other terrorist organizations couldn’t exist. They’d... Continue Reading →

Undemocratic Dem Party Convention

Undemocratic Dem Party Convention by Stephen Lendman Democracy in America isn’t “messy” the way some duopoly power insiders portray it.  It’s nonexistent, policymakers ignoring the will of the people and their welfare entirely. Events in Philadelphia alone expose how America is run, for its privileged class alone - flagrant electoral rigging anointing a party standard... Continue Reading →

Trump Critics Enter the Twilight Zone, Claiming He’s a Manchurian Candidate for Putin

Trump Critics Enter the Twilight Zone, Claiming He’s a Manchurian Candidate for Putin by Stephen Lendman US establishment figures are so hellbent for Hillary, they’re reaching new lows to make her America’s 45th president - a legally challenged, trigger-happy Wall Street tool she-devil perhaps eager for global war. Trump is no solution to changing America’s deplorable... Continue Reading →

Dubious History Made Tuesday Night

Dubious History Made Tuesday Night by Stephen Lendman Tuesday night in America was unprecedented. For the first time, a known mentally unstable, neocon war criminal/racketeer was nominated by a duopoly power wing for president. In discussions with close family, friends and others, excluding colleagues as committed as myself for responsible change, I’m deeply disturbed by... Continue Reading →

Kremlin Responds to Blaming Russia Irresponsibly for Hacking DNC Emails

Kremlin Responds to Blaming Russia Irresponsibly for Hacking DNC Emails by Stephen Lendman America’s national pastime isn’t baseball. It’s not other bread and circuses distractions. It’s nothing positive benefitting everyone equitably. It’s waging war on humanity at home and abroad, meddling illegally in the internal affairs of other countries, wanting independent leaders replaced by subservient... Continue Reading →

Jill, not Hill!!

Jill, not Hill!! by Stephen Lendman Activists in Philadelphia’s downtown plaza chanted “Jill, not Hill.” Jill Stein, presumptive Green Party presidential nominee, a longtime physician/activist, a true populist, wanting her professional skills used to heal a sick nation.  It desperately needs what she can provide, scoundrel media-supported corrupted duopoly power denying her the chance to... Continue Reading →

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