Obama Tried Preventing Netanyahu’s 2015 Reelection

Obama Tried Preventing Netanyahu’s 2015 Reelection by Stephen Lendman It’s no surprise both leaders don’t like each other, the rift at times public. Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy once told Obama he “cannot bear” Netanyahu, calling him “a liar.” Obama responded, saying “(y)ou're fed up, but I have to deal with him every day.” Ahead... Continue Reading →

Sanders: Liar, Hypocrite, Self-Serving Con Man SOB

Sanders: Liar, Hypocrite, Self-Serving Con Man SOB by Stephen Lendman Sanders’ Tuesday sellout to wealth, power and privilege didn’t surprise observers like myself who’ve followed his deplorable political career for years. Mendacity, betrayal, dishonor, lack of principles and moral cowardice define his years in office - from his Burlington, VT mayoral days to the House,... Continue Reading →

Sanders: Hoisted on His Own Petard

Sanders: Hoisted on His Own Petard by Stephen Lendman His lofty-sounding campaign rhetoric was duplicitous hyperbole, willful deception, BS, another political fraudster exposed, a charlatan - pathetically pandering to what he pretended to oppose. Everything he said on the stump was counter to what he supports. His Tuesday endorsement of Clinton was despicable, morally and... Continue Reading →

Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg’s Trump Bashing

Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg’s Trump Bashing by Stephen Lendman She, like other Americans, is constitutionally free to publicly express views on any topics - other than on cases before the High Court or under consideration. At the same time, expressing them for or against political candidates isn’t the remit of judiciary branch members - especially... Continue Reading →

Syria’s Assad Blasts Western-Supported Terrorism, Russia Steps Up Strategic Bombing

Syria’s Assad Blasts Western-Supported Terrorism, Russia Steps Up Strategic Bombing by Stephen Lendman In March, Obama’s naked aggression on Syria entered its sixth year. Endless conflict rages because he wants war, not peace. Claims otherwise are head-fake deception.  US plans call for forcibly ousting Assad, destroying Syria’s sovereignty, partitioning the country for easier control, looting... Continue Reading →

Pro-Western Tribunal Rules Against China

Pro-Western Tribunal Rules Against China by Stephen Lendman The Hague-based Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) resolves disputes among and between states, international organizations and other entities. Cases relate to “territorial and maritime boundaries, international humanitarian law, and treaty interpretation, as well as commercial and investment disputes between private parties and states, including disputes arising under... Continue Reading →

Israel’s New NGO Law Aims to Silence Dissent

Israel’s New NGO Law Aims to Silence Dissent by Stephen Lendman Israel is a ruthless apartheid police state masquerading as democratic.  Dominated by racist hardliners, its Knesset passed new NGO legislation - targeting human rights organizations critical of oppressive Israeli policy, wanting them silenced. The measure proposed by Arab-hating justice minister Ayelet (“little snakes,” referring... Continue Reading →

Britain’s Iron Lady 2.0?

Britain’s Iron Lady 2.0? by Stephen Lendman Described by a former associate as “hard as nails,” perhaps Theresa May is the second “iron lady of the Western World” designate, what former prime minister Margaret Thatcher once called herself. Separately, she defiantly said “(t)o those waiting with bated breath for that favorite media catchphrase, the ‘U’... Continue Reading →

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