Obama in Poland

Obama in Poland by Stephen Lendman In Warsaw for US-dominated NATO’s anti-Russia, saber-rattling summit, Obama commented Saturday at its conclusion - demagogic doublespeak featured, no straight talk. He expressed hollow condolences for Blacks victimized by police violence and grieving family members - mindless of his war on humanity at home and abroad, his callous indifference... Continue Reading →

America’s Next President to Be Its Most Widely Reviled on Entering Office

America’s Next President to Be Its Most Widely Reviled on Entering Office by Stephen Lendman Demagogic billionaire racist Trump v. legally challenged she devil, war criminal, racketeer Clinton in November exposes the illusion of democracy in America - in name only, mocking the real thing. Polls show most voters reject both duopoly power candidates, want... Continue Reading →

Iran’s Legitimate Missile Program

Iran’s Legitimate Missile Program by Stephen Lendman In a confidential report to Security Council members, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon lied, saying: “While it is for the Security Council to interpret its own resolutions, I am concerned that (Iran’s) ballistic missile launches are not consistent with the constructive spirit demonstrated by” last year’s nuclear deal. “I... Continue Reading →

US-Installed Kiev Puppet Blames Russia for His Regime’s Crimes

US-Installed Kiev Puppet Blames Russia for His Regime’s Crimes by Stephen Lendman Widely reviled, illegitimate billionaire puppet Petro Poroshenko heads Ukraine’s putschist regime - waging US-backed naked aggression against his own Donbass citizens, mobilizing forces for escalated conflict. Wall Street Journal editors gave him featured op-ed space. Legitimate ones wouldn’t touch his rubbish, shameless stuff... Continue Reading →

NATO: An Instrument of US Imperial Policy

NATO: An Instrument of US Imperial Policy by Stephen Lendman US-dominated NATO threatens world peace. It’s for offense, not defense. No threats exist except invented ones, lamely justifying the unjustifiable. Washington uses the alliance to advance its imperium, hanging a sword of Damocles over humanity. Claiming NATO’s resolve is to confront a “resurgent Russia” masks... Continue Reading →

HillaryEd: Her Tuition Reform Scheme

HillaryEd: Her Tuition Reform Scheme by Stephen Lendman Education is a fundamental human right. In America, it’s commodified for profit.  Most college students become debt entrapped. For many it’s longterm or permanent, escape by default prohibited, a crushing burden to service and try repaying, state-approved usury by any standard. College was once affordable, many state... Continue Reading →

Obama and Media React Deplorably to Black Killings

Obama and Media React Deplorably to Black Killings by Stephen Lendman America from inception was viciously racist - from chattel to wage slavery, Jim Crow to its modern-day version, freedom to mass incarceration, cops nationwide killing Blacks unaccountably more than ever, despite so-called reforms achieving nothing. Obama expressing sorrow for Black lives lost and condolences... Continue Reading →

State Department Intends Second Hillary Whitewash

State Department Intends Second Hillary Whitewash by Stephen Lendman Hillary is criminally culpable for violating State Department rules and US statute laws, prohibiting documents and other information pertaining to national security and defense from being moved or removed from their “proper place of custody.” FBI director James Comey obstructed justice, dismissively calling her criminality “extreme... Continue Reading →

Dallas Cops Lethally Shot Because Black Lives Don’t Matter

Dallas Cops Lethally Shot Because Black Lives Don’t Matter by Stephen Lendman Unaccountable killer cops turning Black communities into battlegrounds made overnight Thursday’s incident inevitable.  It was just a matter of time - nor likely the last instance of justifiable public outrage exploding. People and communities take so much before reacting. Until killer cops are... Continue Reading →

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