Israeli Defense Minister Resigns from Politics, Blasts Netanyahu

Israeli Defense Minister Resigns from Politics, Blasts Netanyahu by Stephen Lendman Fascist rule under Netanyahu exceeds Sharonian evil. It’s about to get worse with ultranationalist extremist Avigdor Lieberman replacing Moshe Ya’alon as defense secretary. On Friday, he resigned from politics in protest, on Facebook and Twitter, saying: “I informed the prime minister this morning that... Continue Reading →

Montenegro to Become NATO’s 29th Member

Montenegro to Become NATO’s 29th Member by Stephen Lendman Part of Yugoslavia before US-led NATO raped and dismembered it, tiny Montenegro with less than a million people and minimal military capability borders four other former Yugoslav republics. On Thursday, NATO foreign ministers together with Montenegrin Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic signed the Accession Protocol. US-installed NATO... Continue Reading →

US OAS Representative Calls Coup in Brazil an Exercise in Democracy

US OAS Representative Calls Coup in Brazil an Exercise in Democracy Illegitimate US-supported putschists replaced democrats in  Brazil. Legitimate governance in Latin America’s most important country sustained a major made-in-the-USA body blow. Obama’s rap sheet added another high crime, part of longstanding US policy to replace all sovereign independent governments with puppet ones Washington controls.... Continue Reading →

Turkey’s Parliament Set to Strip Members of Immunity

Turkey’s Parliament Set to Strip Members of Immunity by Stephen Lendman Erdogan repudiates democracy, freedom and rule of law principles, his ruthlessness ignored by Washington and other Western allies. He wants opposition parliament members stripped of their immunity, leaving them vulnerable to prosecution and imprisonment for criticizing his policies. He has two goals in mind,... Continue Reading →

Obsessive NYT Anti-Putin Propaganda

Obsessive NYT Anti-Putin Propaganda by Stephen Lendman The Times’ consistent misreporting on Russia and its president makes yellow journalism look good by comparison. On the one hand, its editors, correspondents and contributors support America’s imperial agenda, its endless wars of aggression, its partnership with the world’s most egregious rogue states - while ignoring their highest... Continue Reading →

Likely Terrorist Attack Downed EgyptAir Flight 804

Likely Terrorist Attack Downed EgyptAir Flight 804 by Stephen Lendman At 11:09 PM local time Wednesday, Flight MS804 with 66 passengers and crew en route from Paris’ Charles de Gaulle airport to Cairo went missing over the Mediterranean Sea. French President Francois Hollande said the plane “went down and is lost.” It’s too early to... Continue Reading →

Trump and Kissinger Discuss Realpolitik

Trump and Kissinger Discuss Realpolitik by Stephen Lendman In November, US voters get to choose between two deplorable business as usual presidential aspirants - a billionaire demagogue v. a war criminal/Wall Street tool, both hugely anti-populist. There’s no hope for responsible change under Trump or  Clinton after 16 devastating Bush/Obama years - the most ruthless... Continue Reading →

Netanyahu Hands Defense Portfolio to Ultranationalist Extremist

Netanyahu Hands Defense Portfolio to Ultranationalist Extremist by Stephen Lendman On Wednesday, Netanyahu reportedly brought defrocked/reinstated/former foreign minister, ultranationalist extremist Avigdor Lieberman into his coalition regime as defense minister. He represents the worst of Israel’s lunatic fringe, an embarrassment at best, an Arab-hating hawk, risking greater regional conflict than already. Earlier he demanded Israeli Arab... Continue Reading →

Opposition Venezuelan Official Calls for Military Revolt

Opposition Venezuelan Official Calls for Military Revolt by Stephen Lendman Washington wants regime change, neoliberal harshness replacing Bolivarian fairness, Big Oil able to exploit Venezuelan reserves, the world’s largest.  US bipartisan dark forces have been waging economic war on Venezuela for years, notably since Maduro’s April 2013 election, making its economy scream - the same... Continue Reading →

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