State of Emergency in Venezuela

State of Emergency in Venezuela by Stephen Lendman Fearing an imminent US-manipulated Brazilian-style coup, President Nicolas Maduro extended a state of emergency over what he called a domestic and US “onslaught of the oligarchy.” An earlier state of exception along Venezuela’s border with Colombia was declared to prevent paramilitary death squad attacks. A “coup virus”... Continue Reading →

Dire Economic Conditions in Brazil Made Rousseff Vulnerable

Dire Economic Conditions in Brazil Made Rousseff Vulnerable by Stephen Lendman US-supported right-wing extremists voted overwhelmingly to impeach her without just cause, a parliamentary coup by any standard. A Senate trial will likely convict her, removing her from office despite no legitimate grounds, replacing social democracy with neoliberal harshness - the process already begun. Addressing... Continue Reading →

Putin Reacts to US-Led NATO Threat

Putin Reacts to US-Led NATO Threat by Stephen Lendman In response to Washington activating its new missile defense system in Romania intended solely for offense - able to strike Russia’s heartland with nuclear-armed cruise missiles, Putin reacted, saying: “Now, after the deployment of those anti-missile system elements, we’ll be forced to think about neutralizing developing... Continue Reading →

UK and Jordanian Special Forces in Syria and Libya

UK and Jordanian Special Forces in Syria and Libya by Stephen Lendman US special forces operate in over two-thirds of world countries. They infest every continent except Antarctica. They’re conduct more covert missions now than at the height of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. The Bush administration deployed them in around 60 countries. Obama more... Continue Reading →

Syria’s UN Envoy Blasts Security Council’s Failure to Uphold International Law Principles

Syria’s UN Envoy Blasts Security Council’s Failure to Uphold International Law Principles by Stephen Lendman Syria is being raped and destroyed. Washington bears full responsibility. Its rogue partners share it. Endless conflict rages. Permanent Security Council members America, Britain and France undermine efforts for peace. Speaking during a SC session on Threats to International Peace... Continue Reading →

Israel’s Travel Ban on BDS Co-Founder Omar Barghouti Threatens His Permanent Residency Status

Israel’s Travel Ban on BDS Co-Founder Omar Barghouti Threatens His Permanent Residency Status by Stephen Lendman On the 10th anniversary of BDS’s founding last year, Barghouti said it “played a critical role in changing the discourse on the question of Palestine after more than two decades of a fraudulent peace process,” - hardening occupation, colonization... Continue Reading →

Activated US European Missile Defense System Targets Russia

Activated US European Missile Defense System Targets Russia by Stephen Lendman Reckless US rage for dominance risks possible global war, making two earlier ones look mild by comparison - potential nuclear confrontation threatening humanity’s survival if launched. America’s so-called missile defense shield is intended solely for offense, not defense. Washington claiming otherwise is a ruse.... Continue Reading →

Truth-Telling in Israel Risks Imprisonment

Truth-Telling in Israel Risks Imprisonment by Stephen Lendman Israeli viciousness knows no limits, a racist police state masquerading as democratic. Imad Barghouthi is a distinguished astrophysicist, an Al-Quds University Professor of Theoretical Space Plasma Physics. Exercising his free expression right got him targeted by Israel in December 2014 over Facebook material he posted - critical... Continue Reading →

Parliamentary Coup in Brazil

Parliamentary Coup in Brazil by Stephen Lendman In an overnight Wednesday session, majority fascist Brazilian senators voted to suspend Rousseff, pending impeachment ahead without just cause - following majority lower house members in mid-April voting the same way. An 11th hour Supreme Court appeal on her behalf was denied, along with a separate appeal to... Continue Reading →

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