Endless US Dirty War Haunts Syrians

Endless US Dirty War Haunts Syrians by Stephen Lendman Washington’s claim about wanting war in Syria resolved diplomatically is pretense. Russia continues fruitless bilateral talks while US support for ISIS and other terrorist groups continues. Endless war ravages Syria, US-orchestrated slow-motion genocide, initiated by Hillary Clinton as secretary of state, a neocon monster masquerading as... Continue Reading →

Will November Election Rigging Make Clinton President?

Will November Election Rigging Make Clinton President? by Stephen Lendman America’s political process is notoriously corrupt, electoral fraud rife at the federal, state and local levels.  Democracy is pure fantasy. Monied interests control everything. Back room deals decide things. Has the winner of November’s run for the White House already been decided? Clinton is the... Continue Reading →

The Struggle for Venezuela’s Soul

The Struggle for Venezuela’s Soul by Stephen Lendman Washington wants Latin and Central America recolonized, US-controlled tyranny replacing sovereign independence throughout the hemisphere. At an Association of Caribbean States summit last week in Havana, Cuban President Raul Castro expressed alarm about Latin American and Caribbean “turbulence,” calling it the result “of an imperialist and oligarchic... Continue Reading →

UN List of Shame a Sham

UN List of Shame a Sham by Stephen Lendman The UN’s annual List of Shame is supposed to blacklist countries and groups “engage(d) in the recruitment and use of children, sexual violence against children, the killing and maiming of children, attacks on schools and/or hospitals and attacks or threats of attacks against protected personnel, and... Continue Reading →

Erdogan in Louisville

Erdogan in Louisville by Stephen Lendman On Friday, boxing great, anti-war/civil rights activist Muhammad Ali was laid to rest in Louisville, KY, his hometown. Thousands of mourners lined the streets of a 19-mile processional in his honor - to say farewell, rest in peace, throwing flowers at his hearse as it passed. A public funeral... Continue Reading →

Obama Escalates Afghan War

Obama Escalates Afghan War by Stephen Lendman Disturbing but true! Nearly 15 years of US naked aggression on Afghanistan aren’t enough, America’s longest war, raging endlessly. Obama authorized escalated US involvement - on the phony pretext of aiding Afghan forces. How far he intends going remains to be seen, waging wars in multiple theaters -... Continue Reading →

Pentagon Hypes Nonexistent Russian Threat

Pentagon Hypes Nonexistent Russian Threat by Stephen Lendman Today is the worst of times. Reckless US fear-mongering persists. No Russian threat exists. Claims otherwise are fabricated - a hoax proliferated by irresponsible media scoundrels, paid to lie, trashing journalistic ethics.  Putin gets no credit for being the world’s preeminent peacemaker - polar opposite Obama, Hillary... Continue Reading →

The Parties of Jefferson, Lincoln and FDR Are Dead

The Parties of Jefferson, Lincoln and FDR Are Dead by Stephen Lendman America was never beautiful. Today it’s unfit and unsafe to live in, a monster threatening humanity’s survival. US duopoly power replaced the eras of Jefferson, Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt. No JFKs exist, a peacemaker assassinated for opposing war, urging nuclear disarmament and rapprochement... Continue Reading →

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