Academic and Press Freedom Banned in Ukraine

Academic and Press Freedom Banned in Ukraine by Stephen Lendman US-installed Nazis abolished fundamental freedoms. Police state ruthlessness replaced them. Anyone criticizing regime rule risks arrest, torture, imprisonment or death. An “Enemies of Ukraine” database was established, targeting thousands of international journalists and human rights workers.  Human Rights Watch blasted what it called Kiev’s “blatant... Continue Reading →

US-Backed Terrorists in Syria Getting Chemical Weapons

US-Backed Terrorists in Syria Getting Chemical Weapons by Stephen Lendman Last week, America, Britain and France blocked passage of a Sino/Russian draft Security Council resolution to ban developing, obtaining, possessing, transporting, transferring or using chemical weapons and their means of delivery in Syria. Washington, Israel and their rogue partners use banned terror weapons in all... Continue Reading →

Turkey Launches US-Approved Border Aggression on Syria

Turkey Launches US-Approved Border Aggression on Syria by Stephen Lendman On the phony pretext of combating ISIS Ankara actively supports, Turkish forces aggressively crossed into northern Syrian territory over the weekend. Russia has evidence of their illegal operations. Sergey Lavrov called it Erdogan’s “creeping expansion.”  Interviewed on Russia’s REN TV on Sunday, he said “(a)ccording... Continue Reading →

US Talks Peace in Syria While Waging War

US Talks Peace in Syria While Waging War by Stephen Lendman Ceasefire is more illusion than reality. John Kerry claims it saved “literally tens of thousands of lives…” Half a million Syrian deaths from over five years of US-sponsored conflict reveal the viciousness of Washington’s imperial agenda. Syrians suffer from endless war, slaughter and destruction.... Continue Reading →

France Imposes Widely Despised Anti-Labor Bill by Decree

France Imposes Widely Despised Anti-Labor Bill by Decree by Stephen Lendman On top of punishing austerity, new rules imposed benefit business exclusively at the expense of worker rights. They govern layoffs, cap damages for unfair dismissals, and increase the 35-hour workweek at the discretion of employers with minimal pay for overtime. Since early March, students,... Continue Reading →

Neocons Want Iran Nuclear Deal Rescinded

Neocons Want Iran Nuclear Deal Rescinded by Stephen Lendman In a Monday Independent Journal op-ed, neocon House Speaker Paul Ryan claimed Obama “misled the American people on the Iran (nuclear) deal…Everything about (it) is starting to unravel.” Nothing supports his baseless claims. Tehran’s best faith efforts along with four of the other P5 countries plus... Continue Reading →

Brazil’s Lower House Speaker Backtracking on Annulling Impeachment Vote

Brazil’s Lower House Speaker Backtracks on Annulling Impeachment Vote by Stephen Lendman A same day article explained US-manipulated dark forces wanting President Dilma Rousseff impeached without just cause hit a speed bump on Monday when lower house interim speaker Waldir Maranhao annulled the vote against her because of procedural irregularities. Something is rotten in Brasilia.... Continue Reading →

Neoliberal Coup Attempt in Brazil Hits Speed Bump

Neoliberal Coup Attempt in Brazil Hits Speed Bump by Stephen Lendman US-manipulated dark forces want democratically elected Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff ousted, fascist leadership replacing her. The scheme has nothing to do with corruption or other alleged wrongdoing - everything to do with manipulative power-grabbing, similar to what’s ongoing in Venezuela, fascists wanting social democracies... Continue Reading →

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