Former Secret Service Agent’s Book Blasts Hillary Clinton

Former Secret Service Agent’s Book Blasts Hillary Clinton by Stephen Lendman In the 1990s, former Secret Service agent Gary J. Byrne served in the White House, posted outside Bill Clinton’s Oval Office. His new book scheduled for release in late June is titled “Crisis of Character: A White House Secret Service Officer Discloses His Firsthand... Continue Reading →

Disturbing Reality in Syria

Disturbing Reality in Syria by Stephen Lendman Endless war continues with no prospect for peace because Washington rejects it - wanting overwhelmingly popular Bashar al-Assad forcibly ousted, knowing he won’t step down voluntarily nor should he. International law supports him. Syrians alone may decide who'll lead them, free from foreign interference. All armed opposition groups... Continue Reading →

NY Governor Cuomo Declares War on BDS

NY Governor Cuomo Declares War on BDS by Stephen Lendman BDS is the most effective way to challenge Israel’s vicious persecution of Palestinians and its own Arab citizens - deserving universal support and encouragement. First Amendment rights matter most. Without them all others are at risk. Targeting BDS is part of a slippery slope campaign... Continue Reading →

Russia Fiddles While Syria Burns

Russia Fiddles While Syria Burns by Stephen Lendman Make no mistake. Putin’s strategic intervention in Syria last September was a bold, vital step. He deserves credit and praise for taking it.  Things changed dramatically on the ground. Reinvigorated government forces retook large swaths of earlier lost territory, freeing them from the scourge of US-sponsored terrorism.... Continue Reading →

Unrelenting NYT Anti-Trump Campaign

Unrelenting NYT Anti-Trump Campaign by Stephen Lendman Make no mistake. A Trump presidency would be disastrous domestically and geopolitically.  A previous article said his only redeeming quality is he’s not Hillary Clinton, The Times favorite, endorsing her candidacy, ignoring her criminal record as first lady partnered with husband Bill, US senator and secretary of state.... Continue Reading →

Jerusalem Day 2016

Jerusalem Day 2016 by Stephen Lendman On June 5, Israelis celebrate what Palestinians mourn - the conquest and occupation of East Jerusalem, following Israel’s June 1967 preemptive Six Day War of choice, naked aggression by any standard. Palestinians were and remain deprived of their historic capital. Israel transformed Jerusalem from a multi-cultural, multi-religious metropolis into... Continue Reading →

Defense Secretary Carter’s Bullying Remarks

Defense Secretary Carter’s Bullying Remarks by Stephen Lendman Hawkish lunatics run America. On Friday, addressing the Shangri-La Dialogue forum in Singapore, Carter claimed America is “the primary security provider in the Asia Pacific” - warning China of what he called is its “expansive and unprecedented actions” in the South China Sea.  He pushed for an... Continue Reading →

Muhammad Ali – Anti-War/Civil Rights Activist

Muhammad Ali: Anti-War/Civil Rights Activist by Stephen Lendman On Friday, June 3, boxing great Muhammad Ali died at age 74 in Phoenix after a lengthy battle with Parkinson’s disease. Over time, it eroded his motor skills and ability to speak coherently. His wife  Lonnie said even though his speech was impaired, “he sp(oke) to people... Continue Reading →

What’s Next in Syria After Ceasefire and Peace Talks Failed?

What’s Next in Syria After Ceasefire and Peace Talks Failed? by Stephen Lendman Russia genuinely wants conflict in Syria resolved diplomatically. Otherwise, it can continue interminably. America wants endless war, Assad ousted, pro-Western puppet governance installed and Syrian sovereignty destroyed. Intractable East/West positions show no signs of changing. Endless war rages, escalation likely.  So-called cessation... Continue Reading →

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