Neocon War Criminal Hillary’s Phony Passover Peace, Equity and Justice Message

Neocon War Criminal Hillary’s Phony Passover Peace, Equity and Justice Message by Stephen Lendman Passover this year runs from sunset April 22 to nightfall April 30. Annually, it commemorates the freeing of Jews from bondage in Egypt. Hillary’s thoughts expressed over the weekend were intended solely to influence Jewish voters ahead of Tuesday’s New York... Continue Reading →

USS Destroyer Donald Cook Incident

USS Destroyer Donald Cook Incident by Stephen Lendman US ground, air and naval forces operating near Russia’s borders are willful provocations risking direct confrontation. Imagine if Russia or China operated the same way - in America’s gulf, off its east or west coasts, on its Canadian or Mexican borders, or aerial patrols provocatively close to... Continue Reading →

Chief Opposition Negotiator Urges Ignoring Ceasefire in Syria

Chief Opposition Negotiator Urges Ignoring Ceasefire in Syria by Stephen Lendman US/Saudi supported High Negotiations Committee (HNC) chief peace talks negotiator Mohammed Alloush is a cold-blooded killer, political leader of the Jaysh al-Islam terrorist group. He’s uncompromising in wanting Assad ousted, saying “(f)or us, it’s a closed book.” On Sunday, he twittered “(d)on’t trust the... Continue Reading →

Negative Views About US Presidential Aspirants

Negative Views About US Presidential Aspirants by Stephen Lendman Imagine holding a US election one day with no one showing up. Pew Research (PR) shows less than one in five Americans trust government. Three-fourths say most elected officials serve their own interests, not popular ones. Over half believe ordinary people would do a better job... Continue Reading →

Trump Is No Peace Candidate

Trump Is No Peace Candidate by Stephen Lendman Throughout its sordid history, all US presidents supported war, not peace - including Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and both Roosevelts.  Traditional US policy from inception refutes the notion of a peace candidate becoming president - Jack Kennedy the one exception. He entered office a warrior, transformed himself into... Continue Reading →

Turkey and Israel Wage War on Press Freedom

Turkey and Israel Wage War on Press Freedom by Stephen Lendman Turkey imprisons more journalists than any other country, scores languishing in gulag conditions for doing their jobs responsibly. Erdogan tolerates no dissent. Critics risk imprisonment on charges ranging from insulting the president to terrorism, espionage or treason.  Previous articles discussed Turkey’s war on press... Continue Reading →

Farcical Syrian Peace Talks Rigged to Fail

Farcical Syrian Peace Talks Rigged to Fail by Stephen Lendman Washington and its rogue partners want war, not peace. US aggression followed by endless conflict is proof positive - in Syria and all other US post-9/11 war theaters.   Obama and neocons infesting his administration want regime change, Syrian sovereignty destroyed, its people having no... Continue Reading →

Raul Castro Rejects US-Style Neoliberalism

Raul Castro Rejects US-Style Neoliberalism by Stephen Lendman Neoliberalism prioritizes dominance over democracy, profits over populism, private interests over public ones - a zero-sum game benefitting monied interests over all others, societies made unfit to live in. At the opening of the Communist Party of Cuba’s four-day 7th Congress on Saturday, President Raul Castro said... Continue Reading →

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