Security Council Silence on Last Sunday’s Terrorist Attacks on Syria

Security Council Silence on Last Sunday’s Terrorist Attacks in Syria by Stephen Lendman Failure to condemn terrorist attacks in Damascus’ southern Sayeda Zeinab district and Homs last Sunday, killing scores, injuring hundreds, causing enormous damage shows US/Russia negotiated cessation of hostility terms won’t stop future incidents. In letters to Ban Ki-moon and Security Council president... Continue Reading →

Israeli Mass Murder Since Last October Alone

Israeli Mass Murder Since Last October Alone by Stephen Lendman Israeli viciousness is unrestrained, collectively punishing millions of Palestinians for wanting rights afforded Jews alone, systematically denying and brutalizing them. From October 1 last year through February 21, Israeli soldiers and police extrajudicially executed 184 Palestinians, including 41 young children and seven women - averaging... Continue Reading →

Americans Mindless About the Grave Dangers They Face

Americans Mindless About the Grave Dangers They Face by Stephen Lendman Never before in history has the danger of possible humanity destroying nuclear war been greater. Fundamental rights Americans think they have don’t exist. They’re deplorably out-of-touch, the most over-entertained, uninformed people anywhere, controlled by neocon infested bipartisan governance, lunatics threatening their welfare, security and... Continue Reading →

NYT Endorses Murder by Drones

NYT Endorses Murder by Drones by Stephen Lendman The Times consistently reaches for and achieves new lows in deplorable reporting, including giving unindicted US war criminals feature op-ed space. Obama-authorized drone warfare is cold-blooded murder by any standard - nonbelligerent men, women and children the vast majority of casualties, so-called high-profile targets a tiny, insignificant... Continue Reading →

Israel Torturing Muhammad al-Qiq to Death

Israel Torturing Muhammad al-Qiq to Death by Stephen Lendman Israel is a fascist police state, a fantasy democracy, its institutionalized racism unequaled anywhere. Muhammad al-Qiq is a Palestinian journalist. Last November 21, Israeli authorities lawlessly arrested him. He committed no crimes. On December 17, an administrative detention order was issued against him, used when Israel... Continue Reading →

Libya’s Interim Government Blasts US Aggression

Libya’s Interim Government Blasts US Aggression by Stephen Lendman On February 19, US warplanes bombed Libya, on the phony pretext of targeting ISIS and an alleged Tunisian terrorist - a flagrant act of aggression, violating core international law. Two Serbian nationals were killed among other fatalities, America guilty of mass murder, longstanding US policy -... Continue Reading →

Futile Diplomatic Efforts to Resolve Syria’s Conflict

Futile Diplomatic Efforts to Resolve Syria’s Conflict by Stephen Lendman America’s rage for war assures protracted Syrian conflict. Nothing in prospect suggests resolution. US claims otherwise are a complete fabrication. Washington continues supporting ISIS and other terrorist groups, using them as imperial foot soldiers - intending endless war until Syrian sovereignty is replaced by another... Continue Reading →

New US Syria Strategy Aims to Con Russia

New US Syria Strategy Aims to Con Russia  by Stephen Lendman Months of Russian air power and rejuvenated Syrian ground forces making significant gains against ISIS and other terrorist groups got Washington to change strategy. Wanting to avoid direct confrontation with Russia, it relies on deception - conning Moscow to cease bombing terrorist infested northern... Continue Reading →

America’s Farcical Political Season Rolls On

America’s Farcical Political Season Rolls On by Stephen Lendman America’s Big Money-controlled political process is hopelessly corrupted - mocking democratic legitimacy. None exists. Duopoly power one-party-rule with two wings excludes it - independents entirely shut out, voters having no say whatever.  Primary season is pure theater with no substance. Voters thinking their choice matters in... Continue Reading →

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