Russia to Ban Washington’s Orwellian National Democratic Institute

Russia to Ban Washington’s Orwellian National Democratic Institute by Stephen Lendman NDI is one of four National Endowment for Democracy (NED) affiliated groups, State Department funded - nothing democratic about the lot of them, undermining it wherever it exists, serving US imperial interests, targeting sovereign rights in countries like Russia. In mid-2015, Moscow enacted the... Continue Reading →

Erdogan’s Genocidal War on Turkish Kurds

Erdogan’s Genocidal War on Turkish Kurds by Stephen Lendman Turkey is waging slow-motion genocide on its Kurdish population the way America ravished its native people, populations of nations it attacks, as well as how Israel massacres Palestinians. Turkish Kurdistan is a war zone, home for about a fourth of the country’s population, around 20 million... Continue Reading →

Scoundrel Media Jihad to Stop Trump

Scoundrel Media Jihad to Stop Trump by Stephen Lendman This political season’s presidential campaign is unprecedented, unlike anything before in memory - a single polarizing candidate relentlessly bashed. Republican aspirant Trump is in the eye of the storm, every dirty trick in the book trying to stop him - media scoundrels one-sidedly denigrating him for... Continue Reading →

Israel’s Haaretz Joins the Trump Bashing Bandwagon

Israel’s Haaretz Joins the Trump Bashing Bandwagon by Stephen Lendman Haaretz should bash ruthless fascists running Israel, Zionist gangsters waging war on Palestine, killing with impunity, blaming victims for regime high crimes - instead of meddling in US politics, publishing rubbish not fit to print. It calls Trump a “disaster for US Jews, Israel and... Continue Reading →

America’s Diabolical Agenda

America’s Diabolical Agenda by Stephen Lendman Bipartisan lunatics infesting Washington and gunslinger Pentagon commanders represent the greatest threat to world peace, international law, democratic values and fundamental rights too vital to lose. Wealth, power and unchallenged dominance alone matter, popular interests be damned, social justice and fundamental freedoms on the chopping block for elimination. Whichever... Continue Reading →

Fortress Israel Spurns Peace

Fortress Israel Spurns Peace by Stephen Lendman Netanyahu is creating a greater fortress Israel than already, building more walls, encircling the country for “protection” from “Arab predators,” wanting “beasts” kept out. A longterm project continues, including a new barrier along Gaza’s border. In January, construction of a fence bordering Jordan began. A previous article said... Continue Reading →

Bloody Tuesday in Palestine

Bloody Tuesday in Palestine by Stephen Lendman Israeli media are as deplorably one-sided as Western sources - ignoring institutionalized racism, apartheid worse than South Africa’s, militarized occupation harshness, consistently blaming defenseless Palestinians for state-sponsored high crimes. Tuesday was bloodier than usual. Israeli soldiers murdered 50-year-old mother of five Fadwa Ahmad Mohammad Abu Teir in cold... Continue Reading →

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