ISIS Recruits and Trains Children to Be Killers

ISIS Recruits and Trains Children to Be Killers by Stephen Lendman ISIS is a US creation. A previous article discussed its use of children as suicide bombers. It explained CIA operatives teach ISIS recruits the fine art of committing atrocities, including beheadings, use of chemical and other banned weapons, along with an array of other... Continue Reading →

Recently Enacted or Proposed Racist Israeli Laws

Recently Enacted or Proposed Racist Israeli Laws by Stephen Lendman Israeli governance is militantly racist, discriminatory, anti-democratic and vicious - in flagrant violation of international law. State terror against Palestinians rages. Since escalating last October, five new racist laws were enacted, five others pending, likely to become law. The Adalah Legal Center for Arab Minority... Continue Reading →

Republican Showdown Coming

Republican Showdown Coming by Stephen Lendman Since entering the presidential race last June, Trump shook things up like no other US aspirant in memory - turning an otherwise dull political season into a memorable one, for better or worse. Republican party bosses want anyone but him. So do media scoundrels, becoming anti-Trump cheerleaders, going all-out... Continue Reading →

Rage Over Erdogan Prohibiting Press Freedom

Rage Over Erdogan Prohibiting Press Freedom by Stephen Lendman Outrage followed Erdogan’s latest blow to press freedom, taking over Turkey’s largest circulation broadsheet - Zaman and its English language Today’s Zaman edition, a brazen example of police state viciousness. Human Rights Watch (HRW) called the takeover Erdogan’s “latest attempt…to silence critical media.” Amnesty International (AI)... Continue Reading →

Turkey’s War on Free Expression

Turkey’s War on Free Expression by Stephen Lendman Journalists, academics, public figures, human rights activists, even young children criticizing regime policy risk imprisonment on charges ranging from insulting the president to terrorism, espionage or treason. Turkey imprisons more journalists than any other country. Istanbul-based Zaman and its English language edition, Today’s Zaman, is the nation’s... Continue Reading →

Israel’s War on Palestine Rages

Israel’s War on Palestine Rages by Stephen Lendman Zionist zealots running Israel wage daily state terror against millions of defenseless Palestinians - the world community turning a blind eye to their ruthlessness. In mid-February, the UN office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said Israel demolished virtually all structures in the Palestinian Bedouin Ein... Continue Reading →

Does a JFK, RFK, MLK Moment Await Trump?

Does a JFK, RFK, MLK Moment Await Trump? by Stephen Lendman Bipartisan gangsters running America let nothing interfere with their ruthless agenda, waging war on humanity at home and abroad, serving monied interests exclusively. Trump won’t change longstanding policies if elected president. Yet Republican power brokers and media scoundrels want anyone but him representing the... Continue Reading →

Trump’s Healthcare Plan Worse Than Obamacare

Trump’s Healthcare Plan Worse Than Obamacare by Stephen Lendman Trump is a fast-talking, shoot-from-the hip demagogue with a style uniquely his own, a political anomaly with no redeeming qualities other than he’s not Hillary Clinton. Expect nothing positive from an administration he heads if elected president in November. Supporters will be sorely disappointed - the... Continue Reading →

Trump Bashing Reaches Epic Proportions

Trump Bashing Reaches Epic Proportions by Stephen Lendman Ideologically he’s over-the-top like all other duopoly power presidential aspirants, supporting the same dirty business as usual agenda. His unorthodox campaigning against the grain sounding anti-establishment put him at odds with Republican power brokers. They’re committed to anyone but him - with, as expected, echo chamber scoundrel... Continue Reading →

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