West in Decline, Says Lavrov

West in Decline, Says Lavrov by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org - Home - Stephen Lendman) I believe he’s right, but change that monumental takes lots of time, evolving slowly over decades. America and the West are on a permanent war footing, pursing hegemonic aims.  Prioritizing militarism and warmaking takes precedence over essential homeland needs. Deindustrialization characterizes... Continue Reading →

US and UK: Partners in Rendition and Torture

US and UK: Partners in Rendition and Torture by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org - Home - Stephen Lendman) International law is clear and unequivocal. The Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment prohibits the practice. Fourth Geneva’s Article 27 states: Protected persons “shall at all times be humanely treated, and shall... Continue Reading →

Liberating Southwest Syria from US-Supported Terrorists

Liberating Southwest Syria from US-Supported Terrorists by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org - Home - Stephen Lendman) The latest reports are encouraging. Government forces, greatly aided by Russian airpower, are liberating territory in southwest Syria at a rapid clip. AMN News and Southfront reported similar information. Eastern Daraa province was liberated, along with southwest towns and villages,... Continue Reading →

Biased UN Report on the JCPOA’s Implementation

Biased UN Report on the JCPOA’s Implementation by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org - Home - Stephen Lendman) The world body consistently turns a blind eye to US, NATO and Israeli high crimes, wanting them kept out of view. US-installed UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres ignores Pentagon-led high crimes of war and against humanity in multiple US war... Continue Reading →

Media Scoundrels Slam Putin/Trump Summit

Media Scoundrels Slam Putin/Trump Summit by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org - Home - Stephen Lendman) Despite virtually no chance for meaningful improvement in dismal bilateral relations, media scoundrels militantly oppose the idea of Putin/Trump. They’re in lockstep with neocon extremists, infesting both right wings of US duopoly governance, supporting their endless war on humanity. Russophobic NYT... Continue Reading →

My Remarks to Iranian Media

My Remarks to Iranian Media Interviewed on Friday, below are my remarks to questions asked: The state of democracy in the US is deplorable, the way it’s always been from inception. America’s founders deplored the notion, wanting the country run by and for its privileged class exclusively. Today America is permanently at war at home... Continue Reading →

Putin/Trump Summit Confirmed: Hold the Cheers

Putin/Trump Summit Confirmed: Hold the Cheers by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org - Home - Stephen Lendman) Both leaders will meet in Helsinki, Finland on July 16 - the first formal meeting between them. Two earlier face-to-face ones were on the sidelines of the Hamburg, Germany G20 summit (July 2017) and at the APEC summit in DaNang,... Continue Reading →

Mattis in China

Mattis in China by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org - Home - Stephen Lendman) America and China are rivals, not partners. The US seeks dominance over all parts of the world not its own by whatever means it takes to achieve its objectives. That’s how imperialism works. US regimes force their will on other nations, demanding subservience,... Continue Reading →

US-Led Propaganda and Hot War on Syria

US-Led Propaganda and Hot War on Syria by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org - Home - Stephen Lendman) Propaganda wars precede and accompany hot conflicts. Led by America, war of words and what follows rage perpetually in the West with devastating consequences. Sovereign independent states not submissive to US interests are targeted for regime change. They’re viciously... Continue Reading →

OPCW Empowered to Name Perpetrators of CW Incidents

OPCW Empowered to Name Perpetrators of CW Incidents by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org - Home - Stephen Lendman) The OPCW operates as an imperial tool, largely serving US-led Western interests. Since established in 1997, it’s been mandated solely “to implement the provisions of the Chemical Weapons Convention…to achieve…a world…free of” CWs. It’s responsible for producing “credible... Continue Reading →

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