AUKUS Deal Breaches the NPT

Last week, the Biden regime and  imperial UK/Australian partners breached the letter and spirit of the landmark Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT). US/UK nuclear submarine technology will be shared with (non-nuclear) Australia on the phony pretext of aiding the Morrison regime deter Indo/Pacific threats that don’t exist. The NPT permits exchange of civil nuclear technology “for... Continue Reading →

Fraudster Fauci a Weapon of Mass Destruction

Charlatan, fraudster, profiteer Fauci is complicit with US war on public health — with mass-extermination and social control tyranny in mind. Media press agents for the mother of all diabolical scams feature his bald-faced Big Lies and mass deception repeatedly. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. earlier called him “a mix between (con man) Bernie Madoff, (former... Continue Reading →

UK Broadsheet Interviews Fraudster Fauci

Interviewed by The Telegraph after Friday’s FDA Advisory Panel’s vote on booster jabs, fraudster Fauci recited his usual litany of bald-faced Big Lies in service to the Biden regime, Pharma, and his own self-interest, saying the following: “(W)hen all is said and done, it's going to turn out that the proper regimen (sic), at least... Continue Reading →

Fake News on Invented US Enemies: Focus on Russia

Virtually all nations free from US control prioritize world peace, stability, cooperative relations with other countries and compliance with international law. At peace with their neighbors and other countries, their foreign policy is polar opposite how hegemon USA and its imperial co-conspirators operate. Ahead of Russia’s lower house State Duma elections — to conclude on... Continue Reading →

The Booster Scam

The Booster Scam by Stephen Lendman Booster jabs boost illness. They accelerate health destruction. The same goes for all flu/covid jabs — designed to harm, not protect. It’s true as well about all things flu/covid. Everything mandated and urged by US/Western regimes has nothing to do with protecting health and well-being. Diabolical aims are all... Continue Reading →

Alliance to Practice Medicine Responsibly

Alliance to Practice Medicine Responsibly by Stephen Lendman Since seasonal flu was deceptively renamed covid last year, US/Western dark forces in cahoots with Pharma and MSM press agents have gone all out to undermine medicine as it should be practiced. Most important is serving needs of patients by practicing medicine according to science, never bowing... Continue Reading →

Medical Journal Fraud?

Medical Journal Fraud? by Stephen Lendman ( - Home - Stephen Lendman) The once highly respected New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) long ago fell from grace. According to ProPublica: Critics question whether the NEJM “is slipping in relevancy and reputation.”  Its editorial policy “resisted correcting errors and lag(s) behind others in an industry-wide push... Continue Reading →

Gene-Based Jabs Destroy Health

Experimental Pfizer and Moderna flu/covid mRNA jabs irreversibly alter DNA and harm health. An analysis — based on science, not politics — by Doctors for Covid Ethics (DCE) revealed their hazards. DCE discredited the US/Western harmful to health jab first/research later policy. The more jabs gotten, the greater the harm to health. DCE stressed that... Continue Reading →

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