Waiting on Trump

Waiting on Trump

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

The likely US-orchestrated Douma CW false flag came within hours of the town’s liberation – clear proof Syria had nothing to do with it, for what purpose with victory at hand.

The entire East Ghouta enclave is now freed from US-supported terrorists, a major strategic triumph, another blow to Washington’s imperial project.

Despite Russia’s all-out efforts for conflict resolution since at least 2012, Washington, its rogue allies and terrorist foot soldiers undermined them.

The Douma false flag is the latest example, launched to escalate aggression on Syria, not step back from the brink.

Peace and stability are unattainable as long as Washington rejects them. The centerpiece of its strategy for unchallenged global dominance is endless wars of aggression.

They rage in multiple theaters. Trump’s hardened war cabinet was assembled to escalate wars on humanity, nations not yet attacked on Washington’s target list.

It’s just a matter of time before Russia and China are challenged belligerently – heightening the risk of nuclear war.

On Thursday, Trump is meeting with his war cabinet, Syria the key topic for discussion. A Defense Department statement said more commitments from allies are sought before launching attacks.

Mattis was quoted saying “(w)e are trying to stop the murder of innocent people. But on a strategic level, it’s how do we keep this from escalating out of control – if you get my drift on that.”

The only way to stop murdering innocent people is for Washington and its rogue allies to stop supporting ISIS and other terrorist groups – along with ceasing Pentagon-led terror-bombing.

Fabricated claims about Assad using CWs wore thin years ago, no evidence proving any of them. Yet phony accusations keep coming, Douma the latest.

Pushed by neocons infesting his administration, Trump said he’ll decide “fairly soon” on a strike, adding:

“We’re looking very, very seriously, very closely at that whole situation and we’ll see what happens, folks, we’ll see what happens.”

“It’s too bad that the world puts us in a position like that. But you know, as I said this morning, we’ve done a great job with ISIS.”

“We have just absolutely decimated ISIS. But now we have to make some further decisions. So they’ll be made fairly soon.”

His remarks sound like he’s unaware of US support for ISIS and other terrorist groups. He knows what he’s told during daily briefings and other information given him.

A geopolitical novice out of his element on the world stage, he likely only knows what his handlers feed him.

Theresa May convened an emergency cabinet meeting Thursday, a decision to be made on allying with Trump’s escalated aggression on Syria coming without parliamentary debate.

Expect it despite Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn, saying “(p)arliament should always be given a say on military action,” warning of the risk of confrontation with Russia.

Lib Dem leader Vince Cable said “government must present the objectives of any proposed action to parliament. A unilateral response by any country, outside of a wider strategy, without allies, is not the way forward.”

May likely has majority parliamentary support if she goes this route. Britain virtually always allies with Washington’s imperial agenda.

For now, waiting on Trump continues until he orders escalated aggression on Syria based on a Big Lie.

It’s how all wars are launched, none justifiable except in self-defense – authorized by Security Council members. No other way is legal.

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My newest book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”


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